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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3: Intro to The Maeve Mind

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Photo by Jason Stokes

Hello, World! My name is Layla Maeve Tripod. If you have made it here, you're probably wondering what kind of internet rabbit hole led you to this blog. So, let me be the first person (and well... only... since it's just little ol' me) to welcome you to The Maeve Mind.

I am a creature composed of circus arts, the written word and many, many opinions.

One of my cardinal values is that of community- we are all in this thing together. I can confidently say I have learned plenty about being an artist and a decent human over the course of my existence. In this blog, I hope to offer some inspiration, share some stories and attempt to relay crucial information for fellow comrades braving the trenches filled with their innermost gremlins.

There's a myriad of stories to tell, countless opinions and words up the wazoo in my arsenal. This blog is not meant to persuade you into thinking I am omniscient, however, I promise to try my best.

Welcome to The Maeve Mind. I appreciate that you are here. Thank you.

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